Hand Modelling Clay DIY kit

Hand Modelling Clay DIY kit

Remembering our life offline workshops, hand-modelling was one of the most popular and fun activities.

We spent a few months on brain-storming, sourcing and testing materials and finally it's here.

You'll safe your time and money getting the best quality tools in one set. 

We have two options: 1) with Natural Clay (1kg) only 2) with Natural Clay (1kg) and Air-Dry clay (0.5kg).

the set includes:

- Clay;

- rolling pin;

- acrylic colors (6pcs x 5ml);

- white color (10ml), transparent coating (10ml); gold color (10 ml);

- letters stamp;

- modelling tools (9pcs);

- stationary knife;

- brushes (2pcs);

- sand paper;

- booklet with a scan code to access a video-lesson.


Note* - Air dry clay Brand is given randomly - Mungyo or MonMarte - both are primary quality.