Shimmery Watercolor PaintingsTutorial Kit

Shimmery Watercolor PaintingsTutorial Kit

We just love every bit of this set, from an excellent quality Watercolor handbook (24 pages, 300 gsm) to a brush and of course metallic watercolor paints - 18 shimmery colors to play with. 


We've tested the sketchbook with different techniques - wet on wet (landscapes, moon shapes and others) - it showed a perfect result, colors spreading super smoothly, no patches appearing during teh work. Styles like detailed realistic painting and sketching using a pen - also works perfectly on it. 


One set includes:

- 18 colors shimmery watercolor paints;

- watercolor handbook (24 pages);

- 3 gel pens (gold, silver & black color);

- pencil, eraser & pallete;

- squirell brush;

- a large clip to hold papers;

- washi tape;

- 9 video-tutorials (landscapes, cactuses, cupcake, leaves, teapot, moon paintings and more). 


It makes a lovely gift too!


Limited number of sets are available.