Wax Seal Stamp set (Classic)

Wax Seal Stamp set (Classic)

It's such a beautiful, long-lasting kit set. 

Watching at the melting wax, candles, slowly creating stamps is one of the best type of art therapies.

We've included everything in this kit that you start your Wax Sealing journey straight from receiving a package from us. 


It can make a very meaningful gift too!


This set includes:

- 3 wax sticks (silver, maroon brown & gold ) - enough for 24 stamps;

- 12 wax beads (white, brass, red pearl, gold) - can make 4 stamps;

- two candles;

- Rose stamp with a removable wooden handle;

- a metal spoon;

- wax melting stove;

- green vintage envelope;

- white transparent envelope;

- two kraft envelopes;

- parchment paper;

- 4 vintage postmark stickers;

- matches.



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